Here you will find videos covering practices (meditation, breath and pranayama, relaxations, kriyas and physical practices) as well as short lectures covering theory and philosophy connected to the practices.

Short Clips

This is a short clip about the three minute meditation, taken from the longer video “How to Build Momentum and Progress in Meditation”.
A short description of the significance of the term Hatha Yoga, taken from the longer video “Philosophy of Hatha Yoga”.
A short description of the purpose and significance of the Yamas of Ashtanga Yoga, taken from the longer video “Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga from the Yoga Sutras.”


Foundations of Meditation

In this video, you’ll find a description and demonstration of the key points for how to sit comfortably for meditation.
Here, basic key points are described and demonstrated on how to sit for meditation using a chair.
Additional tips and key points for how to improve your meditation posture and sit in meditation more comfortably.
This video covers the basic theory as well as practical approach to natural diaphragmatic breathing.
Additional tips for diaphragmatic breathing as well as an introduction to methods subtle breath awareness which are given as a means of leading the mind into meditation.
In this video, the foundational steps of meditation from the Himalayan Yoga Tradition are described and explained.
For those who wish to practice meditation using this method, a guided meditation audio will also be offered.
In this video, some key approaches and practices are given which can be very helpful in developing your meditation and building momentum in a meditative lifestyle.

Pranayama Practices

Nadi Shodhanam pranayama is one of the finest practices the prepare and guide your breath and mind into the state of meditation.
A lecture by Dr. Stephen Parker on pranayama as presented in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This lecture was given during the Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training Programme at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, India in March 2020.

Supporting Practices

An explanation of five unique methods of practice given by the meditative traditions for the cultivation of a meditative mind and meditative lifestyle.
Developing a schedule to make your practice consistent and regular is one of the most important aspects of cultivating progress in your meditation. This is a brief discussion about how to plan your daily practice and how to approach the resolve to make your practice consistent and regular.
This is an introduction to the basics of yoga nidra as a state of mind and experience and the significance of this practice in the scheme of yoga sadhana.
A demonstration of the essential, basic joints and glands physical practice, beginning with makarasana (crocodile pose) which is used to establish the diaphragmatic breath. Joints and glands practice is a wonderful preparation for meditation and shavasana (corpse pose) practices, as well as being the perfect preparation for a series of classical asanas. It can be practiced by almost anyone and can be easily adapted for those with physical limitations.
This is an introduction and description of ‘the six simple steps of meditative practice of yoga asanas.

Theory and Philosophy

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga, the yoga of eight limbs, is given by Patanjali as a system of spiritual practice which, when followed diligently, will lead the practitioner to the state of meditation and, finally, to samadhi.
In this video, you will find an introduction to key ideas in the philosophy of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga can be understood as a means and a path of practice that is followed as the necessary preparation for Raja Yoga, the practice of meditation. Hatha Yoga can also be understood as a specific state of being from which Raja Yoga (one-pointedness of mind, meditation and samadhi) can be attained.
A deeper look at the traditional significance of tapas as part of yoga sadhana, how this practice can be approached and how the approach matures through experience.

Yoga Sutras

A lecture by Pierre Lefebvre (Pandit Priya Darshan) introducing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali given during the Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training Programme at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, India in March 2020.
A lecture on Karma and Samskaras according to yoga philosophy given during the Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training Programme in March 2020 at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, India.